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Types of blister packaging

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Blister Packaging Type: Blister process to produce plastic products, and the general term for the package with the appropriate equipment products. Plastic packaging products mainly include: blister trays, blister box, synonyms are: vacuum hood blister, etc.. Blister packaging equipment including: plastic machine (specific reference to what plastic machine), punching machine, sealing machine, high frequency machine, folding machine. The package formed packaging products can be divided into: card, blister card, double blister, half blister Clamshell, call Blister.
Blister process transparent hard plastic film made ​​of the the specific convex shape transparent plastic cover on the surface of the product, and to protect and beautify the role. Also known as blister, vacuum cover, plastic mask. Blister in the form, and can be divided into: single blister, double blister, blister card blister and blister card
Plastic boxes
Lid and bottom of plastic products, base and cover together called folded plastic boxes, bottom and lid separately called day cover plastic boxes.
Plastic "tray"
Also called plastic Neto, Blister process will be made ​​of hard plastic pieces specific groove plastic products in the groove, protect and beautify the role.
Flocking Neto
A plastic tray with special materials, the ordinary hard plastic film sticks on the surface layer of velvet material, so that the kind of feel of velvet tray surface, used to improve the packaging grades.
Antistatic tray
Is a blister tray of the use of special materials, the resistance value of the surface of the material is less than 10 11 ohm power. Plastic tray for electronic and IT products.
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